Top Social Media Platforms for Sharing Sex Pics

Top Social Media Platforms for Sharing Sex Pics



Social media sites are the way people meet, chat and share everything now. There are many sites that let you connect with friends, family and strangers. But, if you like to share sex pics, porn GIFS or other form of pornography, there are limits. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will not only delete any sex pics or porn GIFS images you post, they will also ban or suspend your account. In some cases, they will terminate your account permanently. That doesn’t mean you won’t find porn on them though.

Twitter has tons of users who post nothing but sex pictures and porn GIFS all day. However, they don’t get flagged because no one reports them. If your audience is into adult porn, then they will never report your sex pics or porn material.


Yet all it takes is one person to report any of your free sex pictures and your account could be terminated. Fortunately, there are some social media sites which let you openly post any kind of adult material you want. We have put a list of some of the best sites where you can post porn GIFS and sex pics without a problem.

Pinsex –The website called Pinsex is almost the same as Pinterest. This site allows you to pin your favorite photos or GIFS and share it with others. But, just like the name says, this is all about being able to pin sex pics or porn. Pinsex has been around for a while now and many users who want to upload and share their naked images or porn videos or animated porn GIFS, can do so there.

Uplust – If you want a social media platform that lets you get adult entertainment and share your sex pics, then Uplust is worth trying. This site allows users to post porn GIFS or sex pictures without having to worry about their accounts being terminated. You can post your porn videos that will loop automatically or share your favorite GIFS of porn with others. Uplust was once called Pornostagram since it was inspired by Instagram. The users add filters the same way as they do in Instagram. You can also find dates and hook up with others in Uplust as well.

Tumblr – Although Tumblr is not a social media site, it is a place where you can post any type of pornography you want. Users create their own personal mini blogs and add whatever content they want. There are millions of pages dedicated to people’s own personal desires and topics. You can find millions of animated GIFS of porn and sex pics on Tumblr.

Social 18 – Social 18 is by far the site which most resembles an adult social media platform. Their name is ‘Uncensored Social Network’ and it is the first adult social media platform. This is a great site for those that have amateur sex pics of someone they know, or of themselves on another site and want to share it with their friends. Social 18 lets you tag your BFF or whomever you want to the porn GIFS or sex pics. Just like any other social media site, you have to sign up and create an account.

This is a great option for those that get tired of their adult sex pics being flagged or porn GIFS deleted on Facebook. Plus, the site has many of the same functions as Facebook and Twitter. They include private messaging, individual user feeds and hashtags. This website is awesome for those that have favorite adult porn stars and want to follow them.


Vine –¬†Even though Vine is presently taking a stronger stance against porn material, you can still post your animated porn GIFS images, videos or sex pics there. They have a #VineAfterDark tag which is specifically for those 18 years or older. This is all adult related content with explicitly sexual material.

Kik Messenger – The Kik Messenger app may not be a website. However, it is a great place for you to openly share any type of sex pictures, porn GIFS or any kind of adult images you want. You can use the sexting app using one-on-one sessions or in group chats.


As more social media sites catering to adult related material are created, users looking to share their sex pics and porn gifs will have more options in the future.